Our team

Center of strategic development of areas is a team of highly educated skilled experts and professionals in the spheres of :

  • economy;
  • sociology;
  • political technologies;
  • management and administration;
  • marketing;
  • social development and forecasting;
  • modeling of social processes, marketing & PR;

Our highly professional expert team has vast diverse expirience and deep knowledge of many aspects in their respective fields.

All members of the team always strive to reach even greater hights. The constant update of working methods and techniqes, new solutions and clever implementation of skills that our staff has – allow to offer the best services possible.

There is a great confidence in our team. We’ve got a friendly staff, united in one purpose, always ready to help each other. Mutual respect plays an important role in the mood and atmosphere within the team.

We really consider the atmosphere within the team to be one of our main values. We strive to invite talented and ambitious people with modern views into our team. This helps us to better understand the needs of our partners and society in general, in the framework of unique tasks that we are solving.